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Lub kaum hli ntuj 17, 2019 - Lub kaum hli ntuj 19, 2019

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The Future of Broadcasting Technology Connects Here

Technology evolves at lightning speed and it dramatically impacts everything it touches; the world of broadcast and entertainment is no different. The entire gamut of innovative advancement possible in this industry remains elusive most of the time, except for one unique occasion. Every year, for over 27 years, the Broadcast India Show becomes the interactive platform that showcases on one hand, the paradigm shifts in infotainment technology across the globe. On the other, it allows you to connect with the innovators and experience the marvels first-hand.

cov Indian Media and Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The sector grew 11% to USD 20 billion in total revenue, in the financial year 2016; according to a report by FICCI. It is expected to touch USD 35 billion by the financial year 2021. Television broadcasting, distribution, film, print, radio, advertising and digital are some of the segments that drove growth.

With the Broadcast India Show 2018, itXCHARXs time to make way for the next-gen broadcast technology XCHARX faster, easier, more productive and definitely more creative ways of working with broadcast, film, audio, radio and everything else that contributes to the infotainment industry XCHARX from its content creation to its management and delivery. Companies and corporates, veterans and professionals, suppliers and customers, visionaries, and other stakeholders from across the world will gather to realize opportunities, establish trade connections and facilitate resource pooling on the biggest scale as is the norm every year.

The last edition of the Broadcast India Show saw over 9,862 unique visitors thiab dhau 500 hom participants from more than 36 lub teb chaws coming together, eager to push ahead of the growth curve faster than anyone else. As a visitor or a participant, there’s no doubt the show will chart new infotainment horizons for you.

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Lub kaum hli ntuj 17, 2019
Lub kaum hli ntuj 19, 2019
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Bombay Exhibition Center
Nesco Tiabsis cov
Maharashtra, Mumbai 400063 Is Nrias teb
+ Daim ntawv qhia Google
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+ 91 22 6645 0123
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